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Agile Learning management system

By using our own Demos “Mind on Site” learning management system, your business moves from one focused on production resources to one promoting knowledge and skills. Information and knowledge are crucial to business in the 21st century, hence the importance of group learning to promote intellectual resources.

The Mind on Site suite of products offers management functions (creation, distribution, appraisal), informative and educational content and remote testing, which is essential in the sharing of knowledge and skills in numerous situations. We can work with your existing Learning Management System (LMS) or provide the 'agile' MOS Chorus LMS, to support a learning solution.


A solution to share knowledge – MOS Chorus – The 'agile' LMS  

Does your organisation want to create, manage and deliver training, assessment and learning content?

MOS Chorus is an agile platform to collaborate efficiently with internal and external partners...

  • Allowing companies to create and maintain their training contents in a simple and intuitive manner
  • Guaranteeing a good balance between broad functionality, ease of use and cost efficiency
  • Ensuring effective collaboration among the diverse players involved in a project (authors, experts, contributors)
  • Providing fast and efficient content delivery solutions
  • Enabling flexible management functions - management of users, courses, resources, reports and statistics


Rapid e-learning development and convenient playback

E-learning content creation – MOS Solo

Do you need to create training, assessment and e-learning content rapidly and easily?

MOS Solo is a simple to use and intuitive rapid e-learning content authoring tool...

  • Allowing companies to create training contents in a simple and intuitive manner (authoring support, content preview when authoring, open templates, contextual help)
  • Enabling companies to amend and update their e-learning content in response to changing requirements
  • Reducing the cost of creating training content in the context of an e-learning or blended learning solution


Offline e-learning - MOS Player

Does your organisation need the flexibility to deliver e-learning content off-line?

MOS Player is a free tool that allows participants to access e-learning off-line via their laptop when they are on the move. They can then synchronise their progress and scores when they have internet access.


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