Enhancing learning with technology

As a member of the Demos Group we have extensive e-learning and blended learning expertise and can work with you to design and produce tailor made content, as well as offer access to 'off the shelf' e-learning modules.

With increased pressure to adapt quickly to meet the market, there is a real need to develop skills, knowledge and behavioural capabilities, with efficiency, speed and scale. Harnessing the power of technology to deliver learning is now central to the learning strategy of many organisations.

Next generation blended learning solutions

obrázek 6.jpgWe use the term Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) to describe a truly multi-component approach. Delivered in an organisation specific context, we make use of technologies to enhance the learning experience. We are able to use technologies and more traditional approaches to training depending on what will work best in a given context for a given group of people. This opens up many more flexible and creative ways to deliver learning.

Our learning solutions are designed with you to match your needs precisely. We use the most appropriate learning intervention to effectively address the learning need and our customer’s objective, within budget. We will design and deliver the solution that best fits your need, culture, values, learning style and way of working.

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) supports the rapid development of effectiveness and productivity, which helps people to flourish in rapidly changing times.


We have a range of TEL products available:


Call us at +420 724 362 120 to discuss your needs today!

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