In-company solutions

“Results that really impact your bottom line”

We understand the importance of innovative and effective learning solutions for every part of your talent resource. Directors and executives, managers, client relations and sales professionals can all benefit from our full portfolio of solutions from in-house trainings, workshops, e-learning, coaching and bespoke training solutions.


obrázek 4.jpgOur bespoke approach means we approach the design and delivery of your solution individually, to your specification and your industry.

When an organisation is seeking to create impact and improvement through lifting the performance of groups of people, we can work with you at various levels of programme design, from lightly tailored content or delivery through to fully customised learning solutions. We have in-depth experience of working in close collaboration with subject matter experts to incorporate client specific knowledge into our learning solutions.


We have a rich library of tried and tested learning content and we combine this with client specific context and requirements to design and deliver 'world class' customer bespoke programmes.


We take a five stage approach to ensure the results you want:

obrázek 5.jpg

With the vast experience and skills set that exist within the Demos group, together with the talent and skills here in Prague, we can design and deliver a customised learning experience which will deliver real business impact.


Our approach is characterised by:

  • Insight about how to make the link between capabilities and performance and the organisation's strategy and goals.
  • Building in success criteria and metrics from the outset, which enables us to ensure our world class programmes deliver measurable value.
  • A robust design approach, which ensures that the learning method is engaging, sustainable and seamlessly applied in the workplace.
  • A robust project management approach - many of our clients testify to the longer term capabilities that they have developed through working with us and how they re-use the tools and processes for other programmes of work.
  • Our research and capability to design solutions that are at the forefront of innovative practice - use of blogs and podcasts to keep the learning alive.


Call us at +420 724 362 120 to discuss your needs today!

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