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Logo Demos - PragoeducaPragoeduca is part of the Demos Group, a leading provider of continuing professional development. Partnering with over 32,000 customers worldwide, Demos are a key European player in learning and development and HR consulting.

Through profitable, uninterrupted growth Demos has established an enviable training portfolio in excess of 1,700 topics and capabilities that span:

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   ·   Open training

    ·   in-company programmes

    ·   e-learning, consulting

    ·   learning outsourcing

    ·   publishing and e-distribution.


We share Demos’ passion for creativity, quality and customer satisfaction, working with clients around the globe to help them achieve their goals and ultimately to perform better.


We speak your language!  


Locally, we find that our clients who do business in English need additional specialist help, especially in areas as presentations, negotiations, sales and leadership skills.

As you would expect from our global reach, Pragoeduca has in-house consultants and directors who are fluent in English. In addition, and as part of our Czech team, Jon Rowley, our UK specialist consultant and trainer, is on hand to talk to you about your needs, to design bespoke solutions and deliver effective solutions. That commitment sets us apart from the marketplace. Our solutions will give you the edge over your competition.

Jon is a well known trainer and writer on business skills, whose contributions on presentation and negotiation skills regularly appear in the Czech edition of “Business Spotlight” magazine. In addition, we have very highly skilled Czech trainers who use English as the training language.

So whatever your needs are, talk to us. We have the skills, expertise and global touch that make us the first choice for our English speaking corporate clients in the Czech Republic.


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