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Our trainers

We believe our trainers’ skills, enthusiasm and energy are what makes the Demos difference!


Our trainers, coaches and learning consultants are not only experts in their subjects, but are highly skilled in adapting the learning to meet the needs and challenges of the individual. They energise and inspire learners to discover their true potential, ensuring the learning can be transferred seamlessly and immediately to the workplace.


The Demos trainers have a common philosophy. We make people feel more confident about their job. It’s that simple, rather than focus on the skills they don’t have, we fill our trainings with great tips and techniques to complement their existing skills. Building confidence is the key.


Ing. Georgi Kolev

kolec02.jpgGeorgi worked 11 years in various positions in Kimlerlay-Clark Professional in Czech Republic and Austria. Nowadays he works as a freelancer in education and development – trainer and coach specialized in soft skills (leadership, motivation, communication and negotiation skills). He is able to lead the training in Czech, English, Bulgarian and Russian languages.




Ing. Ondřej Hirman, MBA

Hirman01.jpgOndřej worked more than 6 years as a manager at recruitment, business development, sales and marketing in Czech as well as international companies. He is specialized in these trainings and themes: management skills, sales skills, workshop facilitation and coaching. 




Blanka Junová (no photo)

Blanka has spent a few years in Toronto, Canada, where she graduated from Seneca College in English Business Communication and from Humber College in Fitness Leadership program. Blanka works as a lecturer with specialization on soft skills, courses based on oneself experience and interactivity. She can speak English and French fluently.


Josef Kadleček

kadleček01.jpgJosef lived and worked in USA in 1990’s where he gained a lot of experience at sales and management positions. He actively participated in preparation of training programs focused on development of sales, negotiation and management skills. He has worked as a lecturer, trainer, coach and consultant since 1996.




Mgr. Lenka Olšanská

olšanská01.jpgLenka works as a coach and consultant, with the aim to develop people on their way to accomplish their professional and personal goals. She has work experience 14 years in total, which includes 11 years as a manager and 4 years as a coach and consultant. The ways she works are based on her experiences from: coaching individuals and teams, management skills, studies of healing pedagogy and social art therapy.




Howard Rokofsky (no photo)

Howard has gained experiences in Netherlands, China and Czech Republic. From the beginning of his career he has focused on education in a range of communication skills, he uses Suggestopedy, NLP method and many other methods. He is specialized in Negotiation, Time management, Leadership, Assertiveness, coaching, Sales skills etc.


Jonathan Rowley

Rowley01.jpgJon has over twenty years of experience as a sales director, sales trainer and businessman. He has truly international experience of working with management teams in the UK, Europe and the USA. He is also a fully qualified English teacher.







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